Nice Words

Whenever my phone goes off and shouts ‘cha-ching’, I feel warm and fuzzy inside. Because let’s be honest, it’s always nice to have a sale. It means someone out there loves my items enough to part with their hard-earned cash, and no matter how large or small the order is, I am always truly grateful. I put my heart and soul into everything I make and to know that someone else believes in me enough to buy my products – well – that’s just smashing!

The other thing that makes my heart sing, are the reviews that customers leave on my Etsy shop. And again, I am always grateful when someone takes the time to share their thoughts and leave some kind words about the product they bought.

Here are just a few of the nice things people have said:

5* “Arrived very quickly and well packaged to keep the card flat. Exactly as the picture shows – love it!”– New York Skyline Linocut Card

5* “With a lovely design and a good paper quality, wrapping presents was fun & easy. Also, the delivery was super-fast! I have a feeling I’ll buy more in the future” 🙂 – Happy Birthday Wrapping Paper

5* “Love, love, love, this wrapping paper. A fun alternative this Valentine’s Day” – Love Heart Wrapping Paper

5* “The paper is very high quality, and has a wonderful texture to it. Thank you!” – Handprinted Cat Kraft Wrapping Paper

5* “Lovely wrapping paper! Thank you!!” ️ – Love Heart Wrapping Paper

5* “Thank you for the lovely wrap and speedy despatch” – Mother’s Day Wrapping Paper

5* “It’s the perfect wrapping paper!” – Handprinted Cat Kraft Wrapping Paper

5* “Great quality, fast delivery. Love it” – Christmas Wrapping Paper Multi-Pack

5* “Wrapping paper was perfect for gifts for my cat crazy girlfriend” – Handprinted Cat Kraft Wrapping Paper

5* “This is exactly what I needed to make wrapping gifts fun!” – Christmas Wrapping Paper, Snowflake Design