A Little Bit About Barefoot

Do you search the internet looking for unique handmade gifts? Do you love handmade printed products like wrapping paper and cards? And last but definitely not least, do you love brown paper packages tied up with string? If you do, I think we’ll get along just fine.

Flower design linocut card

The birth of the Barefoot Printer

I opened my Etsy doors towards the end of 2013 but then let my shop lie empty for the best part of a year. Towards Christmas 2014, I re-stocked my virtual shelves full of hand-printed wrapping papers with no idea if anyone would even buy them. As it happened, many lovely people were looking for wrapping paper that was equally as special as the gifts they were sending, and so I welcomed shoppers with open arms.

I wasn’t always called The Barefoot Printer – in the early days I was called The Last Twinkie. If you’ve ever tried to bag yourself a shop name on Etsy, you’ll know how frustratingly difficult it can be. Everything I thought of had already been snatched up – apart from The Last Twinkie. Luckily it was obscure enough to still exist. Come to think of it, before The Last Twinkie I called my shop Delightfully Crafty – but it didn’t take me long to realise it didn’t feel right. It felt a bit twee. So I took the plunge and renamed my business. But about a year later, I decided that The Last Twinkie wasn’t sitting right with me either, and I’d had the realisation that whenever I printed, I did it barefoot.

I was concerned about changing my name yet again, but I just couldn’t get The Barefoot Printer out of my head. I’d find myself checking the domain over and over again, seeing if it was still available and I’d search on Google to see if anyone else referred to themselves as The Barefoot Printer. When something is that strong you have to listen, so in September 2016 I changed my business name again. Thankfully, I’m still very happy with my name and don’t have any future plans to change it.

New York skyline linocut card

Eco Friendly Products

Up until recently, I mainly sold hand-printed wrapping paper, but now you’ll find my virtual shelves filled with lino-printed cards instead. Occasionally, I’ll also pop other products into my Etsy shop to add variety and mix things up.

I’m conscious of the environment and I’m vegan, so my cards are made from recycled cardboard and my inks are all water-based and vegan.

At the time of writing this, cards are packaged up using tissue paper and washi tape. Washi tape peels off easier than Sellotape, so you can always reuse the tissue paper if you wish to. If you don’t have a need for it, just put it in with your normal paper recycling.

The envelope your order will arrive in is made from brown paper and cardboard, so again, please pop this into your recycling once it’s served its purpose.

My Etsy shop is always open for business, why not pop over and have a look around? I’ll see you there.