Welcome to The Barefoot Printer 2.0

In July 2019 I made a very bold statement on my Instagram account. I announced that I was closing down The Barefoot Printer and would be making cushions instead. I’d been in a rut for a while, I was struggling with the products I was selling, and my motivation was low. A few months earlier, I’d attended a course with Simion of Reloved Upholstery on how to make scatter cushions and I decided that was the answer to my problems. I loved the cushion making process, and as the excitement of starting a new project took hold, I decided cushions were in and printing was out.

In November 2019, I reopened my Etsy shop to sell off the remainder of my wrapping paper and felt a little sad that it was no longer. I’d opened my virtual shelves in 2013, staking out my own little corner of the internet where I could share my creativity and make products that set my heart alight. I’d put my heart and soul into Barefoot, but then life threw me a few really shit curve balls, which left me struggling with many things. I became unhappy with everything and time restraints left me feeling like Barefoot was a chore, rather than an enjoyable creative outlet. Like many people with creative businesses, this wasn’t my main job. It became difficult to fit everything in and give it the attention it needed.

I wanted to introduce other products but couldn’t find the time or inspiration to bring them to life. I went through a spell of announcing different things I was going to offer, including screen printed products, paper cut products and hand-lettered cards. None of which came to fruition, because I didn’t have the time and didn’t really want to offer those things. It was just my way of trying to save Barefoot and bring back the excitement I used to get from making new things.

Cue COVID-19 and the world going into lockdown. Let’s face it, it’s a really shit time right now. Each day brings a new meaning to the world normal and the way we feel changes on a daily basis. The one thing I’ve been given though, is the gift of time. I’ve started to embrace a slower pace of life. Even though Ian is still working from home, I actually get to spend time with him, and our morning walk has become the favourite part of my day. The circumstances aren’t ideal, but it’s given me the chance to slow down, and take stock of what’s important to me. It’s given me the chance to rediscover the things that nourish my soul and fill my days with joy.

Couple in walking gear

Magnolia tree

Welcome to The Barefoot Printer 2.0. They’ll be no announcements of random products that I think I should be offering. You’ll just find the products I’ve spent hours designing, drawing, carving, and printing while getting lost in the process.

You can find my Etsy shop over here, and I’m working on new designs regularly, so please keep checking back to see what’s available. The good news is, I don’t have to go to the post office. I can just pop orders into my local post box at the top of my street, while I’m out on my early morning walk.

It turns out I didn’t fall out of love with creating things, I just needed a fresh perspective. I needed to slow down, reflect, and rediscover what was important to me.

Thanks for stopping by and if you have any questions, please get in touch.

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