Behind the scenes: What I’ve been up to

Hello, July! Crikey; where has this year gone, seriously? As always, I tried to cram too much in and then found myself dealing with overwhelm.

“For you to do something new, you must complete or stop doing something old” – Brian Tracy, Eat That Frog


Yep, good old Brian has it right; unfortunately, it’s taken me a while to grasp that concept, so the first part of this year looked a little bit like a Jenga tower. I continued to pile one thing on top of another until everything collapsed. Something had to give, and I decided that a wee break from blogging would give me the chance to concentrate on other areas of my business – like printing! Along with some new wrapping paper, I’ve added a small selection of stickers to my shop and there’s also a range of gift bags available from next week.



The other exciting news is that I’m working on a new range of wedding stationery. Hopefully, this will be available from the end of August, but as always, I’ll be posting some sneaky peeks and work in progress shots along the way. Look out for more information over the coming weeks.



In other personal, none Twinkie related news, my last blog post explained a bit more about why I’d been AWOL. Training for the Chester half marathon, getting the house ready to sell and nursing a very poorly pussy cat back to good health all started to take their toll. I completed the half marathon in 2hrs 19mins 44secs; the house is a matter of weeks away from going on the market and after having one of her eyes removed, my little buddy is doing better than ever. Considering she’s an old lady at the ripe old age of 18, she’s adapted really well.


I hope you’ve all had a productive year so far and I look forward to catching up with you all again soon.






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