Sometimes, life gets in the way. Last week was one of those weeks and unfortunately, it’s kind of rolled over into this week.

Caused by high blood pressure, my poor little Princess had a blood vessel burst in her eye, and at this moment in time, we have no idea if she’ll regain the sight in it. With morphine hits every 6 hours, she’s kind of in and out of it right now. She’s already on medication for an over-active thyroid, so we can now add high blood pressure meds to that list too. Vets visits and TLC have been pretty much top of my list and helping her to adjust while she’s blind in one eye.


On top of that, we’ve had workmen in doing jobs on the house as we’re getting ready to sell up. And, just to add something else to the mix, I’m also training for the Chester half marathon, which is only a month away! This has taken its toll on my body more than I thought it would, so, unfortunately, something had to give. Printing orders is a priority, so social media and blogging have ended up taking the hit.

Hopefully, I’ll be back on track next week, but until then, I’m still taking orders; so don’t be shy – keep ‘em coming!