Lino Printed Quotes And Lyrics Now Available

Yesterday finally saw my new range of lino prints go live in my Etsy shop:<virtual chest bump>. I’ve had them on my to-do list since last year, unfortunately, this thing called life sometimes gets in the way. But you know what they say: ‘better late than never’.


There are six different designs currently available, with a view to adding more at a later date. I’ve also got a few other ideas that I’m playing around with, so hopefully, I’ll have more news on that over the coming months.



The original idea was to make both individual prints and also framed prints available, but I’ve decided to scrap the idea of selling them in frames for now; that’s not to say I won’t change my mind at some point in the future. Oh, the indecisiveness of a creative!

I also decided to alter one of the designs at the last minute. If you follow along on Instagram and Twitter (and why wouldn’t you?), then you’ll have seen this print knocking around:


But after thinking about it, (a lot), I really liked how the other designs were just block text. I decided the stars made the print look cluttered, so away they went!


Carved from softcut lino and then printed onto 320gsm 100% recycled cotton rag paper, I love the distressed, uneven look the paper produces when printed onto. There’s also a couple of different colours to choose from.



I’ve really loved working on these designs and I’m looking forward to experimenting with other ideas of how to present them.

I do hope you’ll pop over to Etsy and have a look.

Happy Wednesday!

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