Hand Lettering Resources

Continuing with the lettering theme that has been dominating my blog recently, I wanted to share with you the resources I’ve been using.


I have a monthly subscription to Creative Bug so this was my first port of call when searching for classes, and this calligraphy lesson from Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls is where my journey started. It comes with some print-outs that cover warm up exercises and also practice sheets for upper and lowercase letters.



The Postman’s Knock is another resource I’ve been learning from. There are a few different styles of calligraphy on this site which left me a bit confused at first; in the end, I decided to start off with the Amy worksheets. I was so impressed, I ended up purchasing the premium hand lettering worksheet set too. I really love the fact that it’s all very affordable: Learn for a Latte!



For hand-lettering, I purchased this course by Caroline who runs a design business called Made Vibrant. I only discovered Caroline last month after listening to a podcast where she was interviewed by Jen Carrington; she sounded really inspiring and positive as she talked about her creative journey. I immediately visited her website and ending up purchasing the Better Lettering Course; it was exactly what I was after and I devoured it almost straight away.



Typographer Sean Wes is another resource I’ve been using, although I’ve not been able to connect to Sean the way I did with Caroline. He’s very good at what he does but has a completely different teaching approach; he freely shares information online and runs a free starter course which I’ve just completed. Both of these courses also come with print-outs that can be either traced or copied.

There are lots of other resources available too; Skillshare does a trial subscription for 3 months and there are a couple of classes on there I’ve also completed.

Due to the projects I’ve been working on I’ve found myself doing more hand-lettering than calligraphy just lately, but hopefully over the coming months, I’ll be able to get some calligraphy practice in .

I hope this has been a useful resource, and please keep following along on my journey!

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