Announcement: New Hand-Printed Wall Art Available Soon

This year, I chose three words to live by; words that act as a guide throughout the next 12 months. I’m sure you all know someone who’s chosen a word for the year; there’s even a dedicated website encouraging it; unfortunately, I’m not decisive enough to be able to choose just the one.

My first word is Action and so far it’s been working out pretty well. Last year, like every year, I ended up with notebooks and scraps of paper covered in lists, scrawls, scribbles and so called light bulb moments; unfortunately, not a lot came to fruition. But after purchasing Your Best Year 2016 by Lisa Jacobs, I realised I’d been dragging my feet with a number of new projects for way too long and decided that this year, it was time to act.


So…. today, I am super excited to announce a new product range due to be released in a few weeks’ time!

While I love making hand printed wrappers, I’ve also been wanting to expand my products to include more permanent items. Art works that can be framed, hung on a wall or even added a to a scrapbook if that’s your thing! My love of text; hand-lettering, typography, quotes, lyrics and mixed media art works have definitely been the inspiration and driving force behind everything and in just a few weeks’ time there will be a selection of hand-printed song lyrics and inspirational quotes available to purchase. In order for me to make these products possible, I’ve been learning new skills and diving into the world of calligraphy, hand-lettering and also typography; for those of you who follow along on Instagram and Twitter, you’ll have seen some of the updates I’ve been posting. Coming from a printing background, I’m putting my own spin on things by hand carving designs and then lino-printing them. I’ve also been experimenting with different papers and have completely fallen in love with the texture that’s created when printing onto cotton rag paper.

There’s more information to come over the next few weeks about release dates and photos of finished products, but for now, I hope you’ve enjoyed these sneaky peeks of work in progress shots.


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