Where Does Your Inspiration Come From?

Like most people, my little nuggets of inspiration or full on a-ha moments, always appear when I’m doing something completely unrelated to the a-ha moment I’ve been waiting for. Mine usually make an appearance during one of the following situations; when I’m working out, when I’m in the shower or when I’m out walking. As if by magic, like a fairy waving a wand, this is how my ideas wash over me.


Walking in nature, or being by the sea, are the two places that feed my soul the most; creatively and otherwise. These are the places that make my shoulders drop by at least an inch; where I feel care free and alive. Nature in particular; there’s just something about all the greenery and the muddy tracks; walking boots on, camera in hand and I’m away: I leave feeling inspired and rejuvenated.


That’s not to say I come home and draw a bunch of floral designs; it just means being in nature is where I feel most at home and what gets my creative juices flowing. One of my favourite places is the Lake District, and when we head up there, either for a day or for a week, I know I can expect something special to happen upon our return.


Where do you feel most inspired?

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